Artist Residency Program in Sasaran

  Sasaran Arts Association started a new program in Sasaran - the Artist
Residency Program in 2018, the aim is to continue promoting Sasaran as an art
village and to provide a platform for young artists to grow, explore, develop and
create their artistic work. The residencies are intended to provide an opportunity
to live and work in Sasaran, a small fishing village in the state of Selangor, and for
a duration of 2 months. We provide workspace and accommodation in a fishing
village, far away from the bustle of the city. This residency is recommended for
young artists seeking solitude, silence or space to focus on their work, to start
their journey in art.

  Sasaran Arts Association provides artists with a conducive studio space, living

arrangements and monthly stipends, along with opportunity to exhibit their
artworks at Balai Seni Sasaran Kuala Selangor (Sasaran Art Gallery) at the end of
the residency. There will be occasional open studios at the studio space to benefit
as many visitors/villagers as possible and allow the artists to show their work in
progress during their stay. Visual artists are expected to leave at least 2 art works
that has been made at Sasaran for the permanent collection of Sasaran Art

  Since 2018, Sasaran hosted three batches of artists in residence, the program

stopped for a year in 2021 due to the pandemic. This year Sasaran welcomes another new batch of artists for the AR Program.

傻傻然艺术协会于 2018 年开始在沙沙兰开设一项新项目 - 艺术家驻村计划,
的平台。 傻傻然艺术协会为艺术家提供了有利的工作室空间,住宿和每月津

自 2018 年以来,沙沙兰接待了三批驻村艺术家,由于新冠疫情,2021 年停
办了一年。今年将迎来新一批驻村艺术家 (第 4 届)!

Sasaran Artist Residency 2022

Name of artists in residence:

1. Tan Peng Hong 陈秉丰

2. Leong Sen Yi 梁森雨

Both from Melaka 两个都来自马六甲

Both newly graduated from Dasein Academy of Art, Kuala Lumpur

Started their residency in Sasaran from 6th July till 6th September 2022,

2 months in residence

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