Sasaran Art Gallery
 Mural Project 2021


     Bibichun - Penang

     Sliz - Kuala Lumpur

     Ng Kim Heoh - Penang

     Jason Teo Jia Hao - Kuala Lumpur




Artist: Bibichun (Penang)

Assistant Artist:
Lyana Qistina Leong binti Mohd Tauhid Leong

Title: Kesucian pelangi ternoda
Kelip-kelip (firefly) is a source for local tourist attraction. To help cross-promote the tourism, the initial proposal of mosquito (nyamok) is replaced with a firefly. The idea is an adaptation from a popular internet meme of Nyan Cat, through word play it became NyanMok, which later developed to firefly.

Title: Ikan makan ikan
Big fish eating smaller fish eating smaller fish eating jellyfish illustrates the chain reaction of aqua eco system highlighting the concern over aquatic pollution. The fishes are presented in form of windsocks with visual influence of wayang kulit and jellyfishes are illusion of floating plastic bags.


Persatuan Kesenian Sasaran ( Sasaran Arts Association ) Kuala Selangor
11, Jalan Dato' Tan Teng Kuay, 45800 Jeram, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia