Sasaran Art Gallery
 Mural Project 2021


     Bibichun - Penang

     Sliz - Kuala Lumpur

     Ng Kim Heoh - Penang

     Jason Teo Jia Hao - Kuala Lumpur




Artist: Ng Kim Heoh (Penang)

Assistant Artists: Wong Yi Leng and King Zhe Ru

Title: Optical Illusion
The mural depicts a Zebra image which has striking black and white stripes, I combined it with the 3D optical illusion of black and white swirl and the purple-blue abstract patterns which formed an illusion of depth. In short, the whole mural presents an optical illusion of space and depth and a 3D effect of a Zebra head. The zebra become part of the background black and white stripes design, and the purple-blue abstract organic patterns is a contra to the black and white stripes.

Title: Jumping Fish
A fish jumping out of water. Sasaran is a fishing village, this small simple mural just depicts a common image which is familiar to the local villagers.


Persatuan Kesenian Sasaran ( Sasaran Arts Association ) Kuala Selangor
11, Jalan Dato' Tan Teng Kuay, 45800 Jeram, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia